Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TCEA 2010

I write this as my short, but very worthwhile TCEA 2010 experience comes to a close. It is sad to think that this year I only really got to go to the convention one day. It's just how it happened, but even with that, the sessions I attended were great! If you're interested to read about some of the learning, visit my TCEA 2010 Wiki page.

I will also say that my first TCEA presentation experience went great! As best I can tell, everyone was paying attention, they were engaged in the conversation, and (perhaps a tell-tale sign if things are slipping) people didn't get up in the middle of the presentation and leave. I hope to be able to do it again!

For those of you who will continue on with your TCEA 2010 experience - Happy Learning!

Today I Present...

It's my first time to present at Texas Computer Educator's Association (TCEA) and I must admit I'm a little nervous. It's the unknown. I don't usually get nervous about speaking in front of people, but not knowing how many people will be there, knowing if everything is going to work right, knowing if my topic is too "dated"...all those things - the unknown - is making my tummy turn over and over.

My topic - "Using Web 2.0 Tools to Increase your Personal Learning Network (PLN)". How can some of the interactive tools (Web 2.0) that are available on the web help you learn? Things such as blogs, wiki, and yes - even Twitter! How can subscribing to blogs and wikis and following people on Twitter help you learn? That's what this session is all about.

Because of all the planning that goes into putting on a conference like this, proposals for presentations have to be submitted in the Spring the previous year. Because of this, I've known since May what my topic would be. In the world of technology, though, that's a hard call! Deciding on a topic to discuss at a technology conference almost a full year before you present - technology changes so fast, how can you ensure your topic is relevant? (Another unknown that is adding to my tummy flops!) Handouts had to be "turned in" in November and, again, I will often make changes to my presentations even the day before! I'm just glad I use Web 2.0 tools so people have access to the most current - recent - information that I present. :) For tools and a copy of the presentation (after it's over) visit my wiki: I will create a link on the front page that will take you directly to a TCEA 2010 page where you'll find information about my presentation and all of the presenations I'll attend.

Best wishes for learning about some wonderful tools all TCEA 2010 conference attendees! As you attend some amazing sessions - continue to ask yourself, how can this help me create a better learning opportunity for my students?