Sunday, March 28, 2010

Online Learning Network

I've done it! I have officially established my business. This was done for tax purposes for the online courses I'm already teaching, but also because I hope to began to create online professional development for teachers - something that helps them to better understand how to use technology in their least in the beginning. I would eventually like to be able to hire people, say an English specialist, who can create an online course which helps English teachers. I would also like to create some quick "how-to" courses in which someone who, say, wishes to learn how to use Microsoft Office can take the course and get credit for it.

I'm just in the process of starting to build the company so I hope you will all stay tuned as things continue to progress. You can follow me on Twitter, email me if you have questions, be a fan on Facebook, and, as soon as it is finished, go to the webpage.

This is what I've been working towards and it's exciting to see it finally coming to fruition.