Sunday, November 18, 2007

Welcome to My Blog

Students of today crave technology. Some teachers of today shy away from technology. Never a good combination. Why this blog? To encourage and inform teachers about becoming a 21st century teacher for our 21st century kiddos. They are wired differently and they learn differently. Yet there are still teachers out there who teach like they were taught.

What's the harm in this? We learned it just fine the old fashioned way and look how we turned out - just fine! The problem is that our kids have to know how to communicate in a global economy. There are skills that kids of today have to know and understand that weren't important when we were going to school. I plan, in the days to come, to blog on the different skills that a 21st century student needs to have that, in a "traditional sit in your seat and listen to me talk" classroom does not provide.

I hope that you learn something from this blog. That is the intention. My mission is to help teachers be successful using technology in their classroom. Feel free to comment (even if you disagree!!) and add your own "2 cents".

The plan - to blog at least once a week (if not more) on issues relating to integrating technology into the every day classroom. Sometimes it might be as simple as a link to a great article. If you're an avid user of technology - good for you! Please share your expertise with us. If you're ready to use technology, but not sure where to start, hopefully you'll find some great things to get you started. If you're convinced technology is for everyone else but you, I hope you keep reading to "prove me wrong". The world would be boring if we all had the same opinion, but how much richer the conversation is if there is discussion!

May this blog help at least one teacher to realize the importance integrating technology into every aspect of their teaching!

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