Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blogging as a Tool for 21st Century Learning

Great article! I highly encourage you to read this article and reflect on the possibilities for doing something like this in your classroom. Not sure who you could collaborate with? Get out there and start "talking" to people or even start a blog yourself and put the request out there. You might be surprised to find someone else who would be willing to join you!

Blogging in Place: Writing That Explores New Neighborhoods
Edutopia 1.7.09
Written by Momo Chang
This article doesn't mention math or science, but there are many ways to use blogging with those core subjects as well. One idea is to have the students journal about the different climates of their area. Someone who has always lived in Houston, Texas may not fully understand what it's like to live where it's very cold. You could also have your students journal measurements of different buildings and compare (ex. Supermarkets) with the other class. You could even go as far as to have your students make a virtual replica of the buildings so the other class could "visit." There are so many possibilities...what are some ideas that you have? Please share with us - that's how we learn!

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