Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ready to Face The World...

I have been gone on vacation. I was out all last week. I didn't go anywhere. My husband still had to go to work; however, I used the time to rest...and get my house cleaned. I needed that break. Going to school (working on my Master's Degree in Instructional Technology) and working full time...a combination for being tired. :) I know many of you have experienced and/or are experiencing that right now. Shout out to all of you! Weeks like last week make it possible to continue. I'm taking a class both summer sessions so...back to reality! :)

I have been back at work since Monday; however, as most know, it took me a few days to catch up on e-mails and take care of the "fires" that were blazing. I spent most of yesterday preparing for a class my co-worker and I are starting next week. I am so thrilled! We are trying something new. It's called "Web 2.0 Boot Camp". The idea (piggybacking off some of the things that were discussed in my last post - in the comment sections) is to have a face-to-face day where they learn about different Web 2.0 tools. There will then be 2 follow up courses online. One happening this summer where they will choose at least 2 tools and use them on a personal level. During this follow up course there will be discussion and assistance from myself and my co-worker as needed. The second follow up will occur during the beginning of school where they will take the tools they used and learn to use them in their classrooms. They will take things they are already doing and, by the time the class is over, will have created a lesson plan (or plans) that uses the technology to enhance their lessons. The "boot camp" will conclude with a virtual showcase of projects towards the end of the semester. We are very excited about the training. If you live in Region 16 in Texas - registration ends Friday (tomorrow)! There's still room so come join us!!

I must give shout outs to Scott McLeod and Coach. The first two people to ever comment on my blog. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see comments - and such excellent comments at that! I highly recommend you read their comments and add your own ideas and answers. There was a time when my blog fizzled because I thought no-one really ever came and read, but then, with the addition of the Live Traffic Feed, I realized that wasn't the case. That motivated me to continue to write and I hope my thoughts, at the very least, spark thoughts of your own. One of the things that motivates me in my job is reading the blogs I subscribe to every day (including Scott McLeod's). It helps me to stay current and, most of all, be motivated to do it another day! For those of you out there reading my blog (and hopefully other's as well), thank you and I hope I can give you some encouragement to "do it another day!" :)


Scott McLeod said...

I'm glad you're enjoying blogging. Keep up the great work!

21st Century Teacher said...

Thanks for the encouragement Scott!